Martin Scorsese Sends a Video Message to a Fan

Director Martin Scorsese arrives at The Royal Premiere of his film Hugo at the Odeon Leicester Square cinema in London

A young guy from Brazil, who goes by the name Leandro Copperfield online, made a video mashup of Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese’s works which he uploaded to Vimeo a few years ago. The video clip contains scenes from both great directors’ films edited in an artistic way. Take a look:

Martin Scorsese had the chance to watch this video and like a true master he sent a video message to his fan where he gave him positive feedback.

“Just saw your montage you made of films I’ve made mixed with the master Kubrick and I found it really well done, surprising and enjoyable,” said Scorsese in the video that he sent to Copperfield. “I was looking for more actually,” he continued with a laugh, “I finally got the chance to see your work and I think it’s great.”

Here’s the video message:

“I was pleasantly surprised by a message from Martin Scorsese talking about my video homage named ‘Kubrick vs Scorsese’ that I made 6 years ago,” Leandro wrote. “This man was directly responsible for make me love cinema and watch films in a different way since I was a child. Most of everything I know about movies and editing was mainly because of him. His passion and extreme willingness to share knowledge is, for me, one of the most beautiful things in cinema history. So, there is no words to describe what this means to me. Marty is the man!”



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